Beginners - Tut 02

Download materials here
Slat tube by


* Step 1

Download the zip file, unpack it and open both images in PSP.

Open also a new image of 350 x 350 pixels, transparent.

* Step 2

Copy the tube (the black stripes), (click right and copy) and paste as new layer in your new image.

You may close this tube now.

Take your magic wand, tolerance is 20.

Click in the blue area and hit the Delete button on your keyboard.

Selections - Select none.

* Step 3

Click with the Magic Wand on the black stripes. Keep the Shift-button pressed to select all the stripes.

* Step 4

Copy the image with the leopard.

Go to your new image, where the black stripes are selected.

Click on that image with right and choose Paste INTO selection.

Adjust - Softess - Soften more

Selections - Select none.

* Stap 5

Now comes the difficult part.

Go back to the image with the leopard.

Enlarge your work area by turning your scroll wheel (on your mouse) up 1x  or use the Zoom tool. (it's behind the little hand)

Select the Freehand selection. (lasso)

Selection type: point to point , Feather and Smoothing 0, anti-alias marked.

Go with the lasso very secure around the leopard.

Every time you click left a line will be visible.

By clicking often on the round edges, you can prevent angularity.

When you been around and back by the beginning, click once with your right mouse button.

Your leopard is selected now.

Selecties - Modify - Contract - 1 pixel and click ok.

De selection will be a little more exact around the leopard.

* Stap 6

Click right in the selected leopard and choose copy.

Go to the other image ( with the filled stripes) and paste the leopard as a new layer.

Move the leopard (with the move tool) to the left, so it will be a little bit beneath the stripe image

On the left side also a bit next to the stripe image.

* Stap 7

Layers - New raster layer.

Select your text tool (A) and use these settings:

Font is Arial, Size is 48 (Or choose anything you like)

Foreground color  #684527 (Or choose your own color)

Just click on the color (in your color palette) to change the numbers on the bottom

Background color (this will be inside the font) I've chosen white.

Make sure the settings are: Floating, stroke width is 1 and Anti - alias is sharp.

Click (left) in your image and a little screen  appears to typ in.

Typ your own name or a text of your choice and click ok.

Go to  Image - Rotate - Free rotate - Right - Free 15. Make sure you don't have marked all layers and click ok.

Move the text to a place where you like it the most.

* Step 8

Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow

Use this effect 2x on the text.

Selections - Select none.

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible (very important to choose this option to keep a transparent background.)

* Step 9

Go to File - Export - Gif Optimizer

Save your image with the next settings:


Ok, and export your creation into the folder you want.