Beginners - Tut 03


Download material
This is the calling lady tube and a file named: Meer vormen.jsl
You need to place this file in the folder: C;\program files\jasc sofware inc\PSP 9\Preset Shapes
You also need: the plug-in DC Special  and the plug-in Texturizer
and you can use some nice little tubes
How to use a plug-in?

* Step 1

Open a new image  of 350 x 350, transparant.

Layers - new raster layer

Take your tool Selection, selection type rectangle and anti-alias marked.

Draw a selection on the bottom of your image.

* Stap 2

Flood fill the selection with a sotf color, a bit matching the tubes you want to use.

Effects - DC Special - Book and click on ok. The settings are standard on 0 and 70, so that's good.

Effects - Texturizer, with these settings:

Selections - Select none

*Stap 3

Open the tube of the calling lady and copy the tube. (right click and copy...remember?)

Paste as new layer in the image with the book.

Now move the tube, so the lady will sit on the book.

* Step 4

That was easy, but now it's gonna be it bit harder...

Lock your foreground color. Look HERE if you don't know how..

As back ground color you take the color that's in the center of your book.

Layers - new rasterlayer (don't forget this!)

Take the Preset Shape and choose Border. Everything just like in the example below.

Draw a border like in the example above.

* Step 5

Click in your layer palette with your right mouse button on the layer you just made (layer 4 with the border)

Choose duplicate. There will be 2 border above each other, but you can't see it.

Pull with your move tool the border (keep left mouse button pressed) down till it's right under the other one.

Choose duplicate again and place this border under the the second one.

Now you have 3 border under eich other.

Make 3 more to fill the other side of your book.

* Step 6

Go to your layer palette and push the buttons of the layers with the borders back to a transparency of 50 %

Dit doe je door op het schuifje te gaan staan en hem met je linkermuisknop ingedrukt naar links te schuiven.

(In the example are 3 layers set to 50%, but you have to do 6 layers)

Layers - New raster layer

* Step 7

Take your text tool (A) and click in your image.

Settings: Floating and anti-alias, stroke width is 0

Choose a font and a size. (I used Arial, 7)

Typ a name (enter) and a fictive phone number under the name.

Your fore ground color is still locked and your text will have the color of the background color.

Click Ok and move your text into the first border.

Selections - select none.

Repeat this step 5 times with a different text, to fill your book.

Bring the transparency of this layers also back to 50%.

Click in your layer palette on the layer with the woman ( probably on layer 3)

Because her leg is now behind the first border with text you have to bring this layer up.

So go to Layers - Arrange - bring to top.

Move the woman so that her feet rest on the first text border.

* Step 8

You can cheer up your book by placing one or more little tubes.

When you are all set and satisfied:

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Save your creation as a GIF, like I explained in tutorial 02.