Tutorial 014

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Download the zip you need here
It contains a tube, made by Ilonka and a mask.
Place the mask in C- program files -PSP 9 - Masks
Goldfill.bmp is a pattern. Place it in the folder PSP 9 - Patterns
Used Plug-in: Texturizer

Step 1

Create a new image 400x 300, transparent
Make #ecf2c8 your foreground color
Change the background color to Pattern and search for Goldfill.
Flood fill the image with the foreground color
Add a new raster layer ( Layers - New raster layer)
Flood fill the new layer with the pattern from the background color. (right click with the Flood Fill Tool)

Step 2

Go to Layers - Load/save mask - load mask from disk and use these settings:

Click load
Then Layers - Merge - Merge all.

Step 3

Open the tube Ilonka - Flower 07.
Select the bottom layer of your tube.
Now go to the tube, click with right and choose Copy
Click with your magic wand (tolerance 0!!) in the middle of your image with the mask.
The middle is selected now and the tube is copied.
Click with right in your image en choose Paste - Paste into selection - Buttonize
Height = 30 / Width= 30 / Opacity= 100/ Mark transparent and the color is #ecf2c8 (click OK now)
Selections - select none

Step 4

Now we're gone flood fill the compartments
Select 4 symmetric compartments (or 8 in the corners) at once, with the magic wand.
Click on the first and with the Shift + click you can select the other ones as well.
Change the foreground to a color from the tube and flood fill 4 compartments.
Then selection - select none.
Do the same with the next 4 compartments, but choose a different color from the flowertube.
Go on like this till all the compartments are colored.
You can also use a plug-in to give a nice effect on the colors.
I used Texturizer.

Step 5

Back ground on color #ecf2c8 or choose a nice color
I've chosen for a Foreground - background gradient
Add a new raster layer, and select your text tool.
Settings: Create as: Floating
                Direction: horizontal and down
                Font: Book Antiqua (size 22)
                Stroke width: 0
                Font style: mark bold (B) and Italic (I)

Click in the image and your text window will appear.
Type Thank (enter) you
Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow (2-2-100-1)
Selections - Select none
Drag the text to the corner right under.

Your image is ready.
I hope you liked the tutorial.