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Tutorial 024


Andrew's filter 8 - Tow the line

Don't forget to restart PSP after installing a new plugin!


Step 1

Open a new image 400 x 400 pixels, transparant.
From now on I name this one as
work image.
Selections - Select all

Open pic1 from the zip file.
Copy pic1 (right mouse button) and paste into selection in your work image.
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur - Radius 8
Selections - Select none.
You may close pic1 now.

Step 2

Open pic2 from the zip file.
Go to the Toolbar and select the Freehand selection with the following settings:

Draw a selection around the woman with the child.
With every left mouse click you fix the selection.
The selection does not have to be véry precise...
Hit delete on your keyboard to go back a step.
Click with your right mouse button when you are all around the woman and child.

You will see a wider selection than you've made, that's normal.
Click on the little hand in the toolbar.
Click right in the selection and choose copy.
Back to the work image, click right and choose Paste as new layer.
Move the lady to the left corner with the move tool.
Change the transparancy in your layer palet from 100 to 65

Close pic2.

Step 3

Open pic3 and do the same as you did with pic 2.
Move the man to the right and change the transparancy from 100 to 80.
Of course you can chance this tranparancy if you don't like it this way.
When you are content: Layers - Merge - Merge all
Close pic3.

Step 4

Image - add borders - 2 pixels symmetric.
Make sure you use a color that's absolutely not in the picture.
Select the border with your magic want tool.
Your feather will probably be on 25, so you have to change it to 0.
Flood fill de border with a gold pattern.
Selections - Select none.
Image - add borders - 20 pixels - symmetric
Change your foreground color in the color of the Indians shirt (#d85c4b)
Select the border and flood fill it with this color.
Effects - Geometric effects - Perspective horizontal 45, color #b88c61
Selections - select none.
Add another border of 2 pixels, select it and flood fill with the gold pattern.
Selections - select none.

Step 5

Select the two big light brown areas in the 20 pixels border.
By pressing the shift button, you can select them both.
Effects - Plugins - Andrew's filter 8 - Tow the line
Settings: 80/54/48/9
Selections - select none
Image - rezise - 80% bicubic (if you want)

Your creation is finished.
Try this technic with your pictures to make a nice collage....