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You need the program 20/20 Download here
The tube I used  Download here


Step 1

Open the tube and a new image 100 x 80 pixels
Flood fill the image with the soft yellow color from the tube #fdf4a5 (forground) 
Select - Select all
Go to the tube and make a small selection from roughly 100x80, just the flowers.
Right click - Copy
In the small new image Right click - Paste into selection
Selections - Select none


Step 2

Copy the image
Now open your program 20/20.
It will only be a Toolbar on the upper site of your screen
Click in 20/20 on Edit - Paste - As New Image
You will see the little image in the middle of your screen now
Click on Image (1)
Then on Seamless Tile (2)

You will see your image is seamless now.
Click on Muted Background (3)
You can change the opacity here a bit lower.
In this case between 60 and 70% is Ok
Click apply to agree
Click on your image with right and choose Edit - Copy
You can close the program 20/20 now.
Go back to Paint Shop Pro, click right in the work area and choose Paste as new image

Background color on pattern and look for the image you've just made in 20/20
On this way you can make beautiful backgrounds.

Step 3

Open a new image 400 x 400 pixels
Draw an horizontal oval selection with your selection tool.
Stay away from the borders.
Layers - new raster layer
Flood fill the oval selection with the foreground color
Selections - Modify - Select Selection Borders
Check both sides and anti-alias, Border width = 10
Layers - new raster layer
Flood fill the selection with the pattern you've made.

Effects - 3D effects - Inner bevel
Width = 15
Smootness = 0
Depth = 6
Ambience = 10
Shininess = 40
Color = White
Angle = 315
Intensity = 40
Elevation = 35

Selection - select none

Step 4

Go back to your tube.
If you still have a selection in your tube, deselect it
Right click on your tube en choose copy
Paste it as a new layer in your image
Move the tube to left under.
Layers - Merge - Merge visible
With the Crop tool you eliminate the space around your image

Step 5

Change your background color in a nice color from your tube.
I've used #b73c2c
Select your Text tool and find yourself a nice font.
I've used English 111 Vivace BT, size 40
Write a greeting or a message in your image.
Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow (1-1-65-1 use a color from your border)
Move the text to a nice place in your image.
Selections - Select none
Layers - Merge - Merge visible

Step 6

Save as Gif, without a background.
How to do that?

File - Export - Gif  optimizer
Check Existing image or layer transparency
Look at Partial Transparency too
Check: Use full transparency for pixels below.......1%
             No, use the existing image color at 100% opacity

Click Ok and save your image.

This is just one possibility.
You can make so many things with this technique
I give you an other example:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you liked it.